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Brynne Rardin grew up in Concord, New Hampshire. During her semester abroad in college in New Zealand, Brynne fell in love with the ocean and became a certified diver. In 2017, she graduated from Connecticut College with a Bachelor's degree in both psychology and art, and began a two-year term working for Aggressor Fleet, a liveaboard dive company. It was working for Aggressor Fleet as a divemaster in the Bahamas, diving with tiger sharks and great hammerheads, that Brynne realized her passion for ocean and shark conservation.


Brynne aspires to be a professional underwater filmmaker, who uses her camera to communicate the incredible need for marine life protection. She hopes that her work will help to portray marine life more positively and realistically, and increase human awareness of the need to protect all life within our oceans.

On a mission to continue elevating the voices of marine life species everywhere, Brynne founded OFAUNA in the early months of 2020. As a divemaster discouraged that she couldn’t find marine life rashguards that adequately and positively depicted the same kind of encounters she was having on dives, and disappointed by the lack of acknowledgment for the immense need for ocean and marine life protection, Brynne decided to put her art degree to use. A project that started out as an artistic possibility, has turned into a small growing business that is passionate about paving the way as a sustainable and inclusive rashguard company. Brynne's goal for OFAUNA is that it will be a brand that educates all people about the need for constant and drastic ocean and marine life protection and respect, while supplying those same people with exciting and accurately depicted marine life rashguards made from recycled materials.

In 2021, Brynne spent eight months interning for Coral Restoration Foundation. She worked directly with both the Media & Communications and Restoration team. Here, Brynne honed her skills as a diver and as a filmmaker completing her scientific diver certification with reciprocity as well as creating video content for all of Coral Restoration Foundation's media pages. She assisted in establishing the Elkhorn gene bank at NOVA  Southeastern University's coral nursery and constructing the eighth coral nursery for Coral Restoration Foundation at Looe Key.  

Brynne currently works growing her small business, and creating content for One Blue Ocean - a non-profit that uses visual media to connect people all around the world - that scouted her to be a part of their creative collective.  Brynne spends her free time scuba diving, exploring the Florida Keys, and strengthening her videography, photography, and drone skills.

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